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Smoked Julep


In the Perrier Smoked Julep, like most of my cocktail I mix traditional techniques with more modern, as modern techniques will never replace the classic, simply complement them.

Among the classical techniques that I use for the preparation of this cocktail is the development of pineapple syrup, on the other hand we can find more modern techniques like barrel-smoked bourbon infused with vanilla and mint, or the development of ice with gas, developed taking advantage of the strong carbonic of Perrier water.


· 75ml Maker´s Marks Bourbon. 

· 30ml pineapple syrup*. 

· 12 Mint leaves .

· Perrier Ice**.

· Smoke with bourbon barrel, macerated with mint leave and vanilla.

· Top with Perrier.

Garnish with a slice of pineapple infused and caramelized and mint spring.


 Coctail Preparation

Mix the pineapple syrup*, mint leave and bourbon and marinated everything well, until will take the scent of mint. Then add the Perrier ice**, without pressing it hard to leave gaps where part of the smoked of barrel bourbon with vanilla and mint leaves will stay, which we will add with the help of Super Alabin, once we added the smoke and we reomve the smoker nozzle hole we´ve covered the ice have left, we cool the ice with smoke, it will stay inside the glass.
Decorate with caramelized pineapple infused with a spring of mint. Already completed, we finished front of the client with Perrier and leave smoke that was inside come out of the vessel.

Otrer preparations necesary for the cocktail preparation

*Pineapple syrup

Pineapple cut into cubes
1 Vanilla open
200ml Maple syrup
20 ml wine port “Tawny Niepoort”
       1.  Cold infusion of pineapple with the other ingredients for 12 hours.
       2. Retrieve the pineapple and crush with the help of a blender.
       3. Drain well and reserve the juice obtained.
       4. If you want a sweeter syrup add a little of the liquid used for the maceration.

**Perrier Ice "Ice with natural gas"

0´8 gr xantana A & F Adrià
400ml of Perrier
       1. Mix 70 ml Perrier with xantana gum.
       2. Add the rest of the cold Perrier to the mixture and quickly we put in a mold in the freezer too cold.

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