Smoked Gin Tonic

With Alcohol


Smoked Gin Tonic


· 50ml of Sipsmith London Dry Gin (blue label, made exclusively for the Spanish)

· Fentimans Tonic

· Twist de lemon

· Barrel of bourbon smoke, macerated with vanilla and mint

Preparation of the cocktail

   Chill the glass
   Take care whilst making the smoke, it is very important to retain the dense and aromatic smoke within the glass at this time so we smoke the ice
   Once the glass is chikked, add the smoke with Super Aladin Smoker
   Take the smoked ice, add the Sipsmith London Dry Gin (I chose this gin as the smoke does not dominate the Gin Tonic and I wanted one with a los of character, this gin gives a strong juniper flavor, with allows us to add smoky notes to it without losing its essence)
   Finish with Fentimans tonic, taking care to keep the bubbles.
   Decorate with a twist of lemon 

 I have done a video preparing a Smoked Gin Tonic in Bar Zone Berlin 2011, for this event I used Junipero Gin, a gin with lots of body and noticeable character, and able to hold smoky notes