Sloe Negroni

With Alcohol


Sloe Negroni


· 15 ml 47 Gin Monkey

· 15ml Monkey Sloe Gyn.

· 30 mlTwo Déus vermouth 

· 30 ml Campari.

· Orange Twist.

· 4 sferificaciones orange *.

Cocktail preparation

We add the first 4 ingredients in a mixing glass, stir and strain into a small bottle cold. If you prefer a variant even softer, instead of refreshing the cocktail in the mixing glass, we will use the aeration technique. Once inside the bottle we also put 4 sferificaciones orange * simulating the Sloe Gin.


We place the bottle on a tray with perforated spoon,  special for sferificar in a glass Old fashioned precooled with ice cube and orange twist.

The client is served from the bottle to the glass through the spoon thus leaving the  orange sferificaciones in the spoon

Other preparations necesary for the cocktail preparation

* Orange Sferificaciones

Orange mixture:

· 250 g orange juice.

· 1'3 gr Citras A & F Adrià.

· 3'75 gr Gluco A & F Adrià.

· 1 g Xanthan A & F Adrià.

1 · Prepare orange juice and strain right.

2 · Mix all ingredients in this order one by one.

3 · We let it sit in the fridge for them to leave the bubbles. 

Sodium Alginate bath:

· 20 ml Campari.

· 30 ml of Sloe Gin.

· 200 ml of water.

5ml 1.2 Algin · A & F Adrià.

1 · Mix all ingredients with the help of a blender.

2 · Let stand for them to leave the bubbles.