Perrier Mojito New Generation

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Perrier Mojito New Generation


For this mojito I make different layers.

To achieve this dramatic effect, I use xantana gum, which gives a very slight texture, almost imperceptible to the palate, but that allows me to obtain amusing visual effects, without altering the flavour of the ingredients.

I also use dry ice. 

What I do is to put fresh mint, sugar cane and lime peel into a test tube.

When adding the dry ice and hot water, the ingredients are infused and we get an aroma of a very smokey intensity of a mojito surrounding the cocktail. 


·5 ml de Perrier

· 7 ml de rum syrup*

· 1ml de lime juice**

· por of mint foam***

Cocktail preparation

   In a test tube, putting in layers,first the rum syrup, then add the Perrier and finaly the lime juice in the middle of the previous two. Finally add the mint foam, leaving space so that when shaking the test tube the layers can be mixed easily.
   Place the test tube in its holder surriunded by a bed of mint, lime peel, augar cane and the dry so that the infusion will bring a smoky perfume to the mojito.
   Before drinking, the customer shake th test tube with the mojito so that all the layers are mixed together. Before shaking, cover with the top of the test tube, or the carbonic of the Perrier might spray otu all over the customer.

Otrer preparations necesary for the cocktail preparation

*Rum sirup
200ml of ron Barceló Platinum
100ml of sugar syrup (1:1)
0,5gr of Xantana A&F Adriá
      1- Mix well with the aid of a blender.
      2- We reserved

**Lime juice
100ml fesh lime juice
0,2gr of Xantana A&F Adriá
      1- Mix well with the aid of a blender.
      2- We reserved

*** Mint foam
50gr of mint leaves
50gr of sugar syrup (1:1)
350ml of Perrier
2 sheeps of gelatin (1hoja:2gr)
      1- Blanch the mint
      2- With the help of a blended  all but the gelatin sheets
      3- Strain well
      4- Rehidrated sheets gelatin and dissolve in a warn the above mixture
      5- Add the remaining mixture
      6- Fill the siphon and load it with a N2O capsule, and rest in the refrigerator before use

Making Off


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