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Peaty Honey


The original Peaty Honey is a cocktail that was developed for the Whiskey Live Madrid 10, and has a base of Genever (made it with ginger) and with smoked notes. 

A peculiarity is that it is decorated with a piece of honeycomb

This decoration came from left the idea of the Textured Peaty Honey. 

Whilst doing a photo session preparing the cocktail, I had to leave. When I returned to the workshop part of the honeycomb that was in the cocktail was empty of honey, ie the wax structure clean of honey. 

The idea came to put the cocktail inside the honeycomb, respecting the original recipe of the Peaty Honey but with texture.

 Recipe “Peaty Honey”

· 50ml of Genever gin

· 7ml of Peat Monster “Compass Box”

· 21ml heather honey infused with ginger

· 15ml of fresh squeezed  grapefruit juice

· 15ml  acidic apple juice

 Decorate with a piece of honeycomb


 Preparation of the cocktail

 Mix all the ingredients in the cocktaiil shaker with ice, and serve in a chilled cocktail glass

 Decorate with a honeycomb


Textured Peaty Honey



· 50ml of Genever

· 7ml of Peat Monster “Compass Box”

· 21ml honey infusioned with ginger

· 15ml fresh squeezed  grapefruit juice

· 15ml of acidic apple juice

· 110 ml of mineral water

· 1gr of Iota A&F Adría 

· 0,3gr of Xantana A&F Adría

 Finish the cocktail with barrel of bourbon smoke


Preparation of the cocktail

Mixed the water with the Iota and the xantana, bring to the boiling and leave to set in the refrigerator. 

On the other hand, mix all the other ingredients,

 When the gel is set, in a blender, mix it with all the other ingredients and return to the refrigerator so that it sets again.

 Later with the aid of a syringe fill up the emptied honeycomb cut into 4cm by 2cm of pieces. 

Return to the refrigerator once more so that it sets inside the honeycomb

 For the presentation put honeycomb onto a plate.

For the smoke, slice the barrel of bourbon and dampen it before putting inside the Super Aladin Smoker. By dampening the wood, we get a heavier and smokier aroma and since there is no combustion it is more fresher and cleaner.

 Presentation of the Textured Peaty Honey 

Put a piece of the gelled honeycomb upon a slate, and cover with a Aladín Bell Cover of 14cm, which we will fill with the wood smoke of the bourban barrel with the aid of the Super AladinTextured Peaty Honey