Gin Tonic in textures

With Alcohol


Gin Tonic in textures

I personally am not very fond of jellies for a bar, but I thought a way that seemed to present original, it was hard to make the drinks but I finally got more or less what I was looking for a more chord present for a strong cocktail.

In this elaboration I'm trying to simulate a gin & tonic in the glass ball, with the gin I pretend the gelatine cup, use a gel that allows me to obtain transparent gels. The keynote is to add a caviar and ended the cocktail with an lime air "simulating the twist”

To finish the cocktail I put a bit of a mixture of baking soda, citric acid and a little powdered sugar, what we get by adding this mixture is in contact with the tongue gives us the feeling of the bubbles of carbonic.


Gelatin Bulldog London Dry Gin
Tonic Fentimans caviar
Lime air
Decorate with licorice


We put the gelatin Bulldog London Gin and at the base of the cup that we designed for this type of cocktails, we make a small hole in the with a special spoon to make balls with fruit, in this hole put the caviar Fentimans newly developed tonic, and I enden up with a teaspoon of lime air, trying to give the maximum possible volume. We just cut a very thin balck licorice, recalling the Perfect service of Gin Tonic bulldog
To round out the cocktail, place it into a platform where you get an infuion of juniper with citrus and dry ice, in this way to get the flavor is lacking in this Gin Tonic




Fentimans caviar

Fentimans Tonic mix 
  200 ml Fentimans tonic
  0´5 gr de Citras A&F Adrià (sodium citrate)
  1,3 gr de Algin A&F Adrià (sodium alginate)                                          

     1- Beat the tonic to remove the carbonic
     2- Add the sodium citrate with the aid of a turmix
     3- Add the sodium alginate with the aid of a turmix
     4- Let stand                                                                              

Calcic Bath 
  2,5 gr Calcic A&F Adrià(Cloruro de Calcio)
  500 ml mineral water                                                      

    1- Mix the ingredients with the help of a rod

Preparation of caviar FentimansTonic

1-We put the mixture of Fentimans within a bottle or disposible syringe, squeeze gently and let dropping droplets of the mixture within a bath of sodium alginate. If we use a caviar box, this operation will be much faster
   2-We leave in the dip between 20-30 sec.
   3-We took them out of the dip with the help of a strain, or a special spoon sith holes
   4-We clean it with cold water or if we want to further enhance the flavor of the tonic and it´s carbonic, we can clean the caviar dicectly into a tonic bubbles served over lots of ice, with thos process as well as to remove the salty flavar of calcium chloride leaves caviar carbonic impregnated with the tonic

Gelatin Bulldog London Dry Gin

50 ml sugar syrup (1:1)
70 ml water
120 ml Fentimans tonic
1 gr Citras A&F Adrià “sodium citrate”
1,4 gr kappa A&F Adrià
0,4 gr Xantana gum A&F Adrià
135 ml Bulldog London Gin

     1- Mix frist three ingredients and be mied with the help od a turmix in this order, Citras, Kappa y Xantana
     2- Leave hydrate
     3- Heat, to safer boil
     4- Remove from heat, and stirring slowly add the Bulldog London Gin 
     5- Place in the semicircular mold and refrigerate for gels

Lime Air

500 ml water
250 ml lime juice
100 ml sugar syrup (1:1)
2´5 gr Lecite A&F Adrià “soy lecithin”                                                              

     1- Mix all the ingredients into a rectangular container that has some depth, cover the bowl with half of the film (to not splash when we add air with the turmix)
     2- With the help af a turmix introduce as much air as possible, for this place the turmix on the surface of the liquid
     3- We stand a few minutes so that all liquid precipitate, and we left the foam as dry as dry possible

Effect effervescent (Optional)

6,2 gr of citric acid
4,2 gr of sodium bicarbonate
0,7 gr of powdered sugar

    1- Mix all ingredients and store in airtight container