Without Alcohol


Frescor Cálido

I have a commitment with Perrier to produce a cocktail without alcohol. So I developed one without alcohol with a strong autumnal character. I chose pomegranate, a seasonal fruit, as its juice gives an autumnal touch.  I decant it with sugar syrup therefore producing a warmer drink. 

To obtain this warmer effect, I prepare a special syrup using spices like cloves, star anise, cinnamon and a hint of the tonka bean/fresh vanilla pod. This completes the drink with sharp, slightly citric notes of shechuan pepper. 


· 90ml fresh pomegranate juice

· 15ml spicy Syrup (cloves, star anise, tonka bean (or vanilla pod), szechuan pepper)

· 7ml fresh lemon or orange juice (as you want)

· Finish with Perrier water

Decorate with pomegranate seeds, drops of the special syrup and cinnamon

Cocktail preparation

Put all ingredient, except the Perrier, directly into the glass with crushed ice, mix well and finish it with Perier.
For decoration / accopaniment, cut a slice of pomegranate peel, loosen the pomegranate seeds and drop on top of the cocktail, nad put a few drops od spiced syrup
Then grate and burn cinnamon on top of the cocktail using a torch, to get an interesting smoky aroma of cinnamon

Finish with a cinnamon stick


Finish with a cinnamon stick To view and dowload more recipes that we have developed with Perrier, follow this link Perrier Recipes