Liquid Experience

 Private events. 

· Cocktail service at event and private parties

Private parties

· Creation of original cocktails for every occasion, to make your event special

Corporate events 

· Workshop and seminars on bartending, mixology, history ans elavoration liqueurs and spirits


Exhibitions, demostrations, Workshops.

Private parties

·  Demostrations bartending at all levels.

· Evolutionary Cocktails (application of new techniques and concepts to the cocktails)

Gelifications, smoke, foams, air, fog, deshidrated, crips, lyophilized, cotton candy, brulee and more..

· Classical techniques recovered:

Homemade syrops, bitters, vermouths, infusions, flavoring…

Corporate Events

· Creating and running workshops and demostrations, brand presentations, with the ability to create custom cocktails.


Guest Bartending.

· Whole the Liquid Experience essence behing your own bar.


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