Liquid Experience


Consulting and assessments are made at all levels, helping to position your product in the local or targer more suited to their characteristics:

All kinds of related marks beverage industry/restaurants/cocktails bars…

Restaurants/Coctails bar

· Creating menus and signatre cocktails according to the characteristics of the local .

· Develop a working line to position your local on the target best suited to their characteristics and expectations.

. Renovation and development of the whole program beverage for your bar.


· Product development

· Development and/or making presentations at all levels:

- Profesionals
- Press
- Final public

Create presentations and/or signatures cocktails to help define what we want to convey your brand, and that fit the desired target.

Utilización de distintas técnicas y conceptos:

-Seasonal cocktails.

- Special ingredient, corporate colors.

- Recovered classical techniques:

Homemade syrups, bitters, flavoring, infusions…

- New Techniques  and concept applied to the cocktails

Gelling "Diferent techniques that can be performed with gelling, jellies,  basic sperification,  reverse esferification, beads, spheres, gels fluid, clarification..." thickeners, suspensions, foam, air, snow, smoke, fog, infusions, dehydrated, crips, lyophilized, forced gasification, cotton candy, brulee … 

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