Liquid Experience
Cocktail Development

Development of cocktails

To develop custom cocktails to the needs of brands/restaurants/cocktails bar…

Restaurants/Cocktails bars:

· Signature Cocktails creation.

· Creating cocktails to incorporate to their menus, to give a distintive touch.

· Creating cocktails for special event (opening, anniversaries, theme parties…).


· Signature Coctails creatiojn.

· Brand positiong.

· Creating cocktails for presentacions:

Final consumer.

We create cocktails to hel`p define what you want to convey about your brand, and that fit the desired target

· Posiblitiy of filming te recipes and use Liquid Experience channels to teach ypou how to use your brand.

Using different techniques and concepts:

· Seasonal cocktails
· Special ingredients, corporate colors
· Classical techniques recovered:

Homemade syrops, bitters, vermouth, flavoring, infusions…

· New techniques ans concept aplied to the cocktails:

Gelling (Other techniques that can be performed with gelling); gelating, basic sperification, reserve spherification, beads, spheres, gels fluids, clarification... Thickener, suspending, foam, air snow, smoke, fog, flavoring, infusions, deshidrated, crisp, lyophilized, forced gasification, cotton candy, brulee …

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