Javier Caballero



Javier Caballero, presently based in Barcelona, was born in Vitoria in 1978. He has now been working in the Food & Beverage industry for more than 14 years specifically in the cocktail world. If we were to define Javier Caballero’s work in three words this would be: Restless, Curious and Perfectionist. These qualities have led him to work throughout the Spanish territory in several kinds of establishments (cafes, restaurants, catering, cocktail Bars, directly with brands...)

After being Bar Manager at Saliecho Hill's **** and Hotel Aragon **** both in Formigal (Huesca) he became involved with modern mixology and flair and moved to Barcelona where he specialized in Flair Bartending and began a new phase working in cocktail catering with brands such as Bacardi Rum or Dewar's Whisky among others.





Once settled in Barcelona be discovered the world of textures and it was then that he started to work with new techniques applied to cocktails, this mixtures of styles and techniques plus the combination of work and training for many years but also his spirits coupled with his restless nature has led to the development of a unique personal style that has.

Him to work in diverse jobs and positions such as:

· Since late 2009, the founder and director of
Liquid Experience. From the roots of his professional desires he was allowed to imagine and create a new concept he calls “Evolutionary Cocktails”. The heart of this new project is the Taller Liquid Experience, a space dedicated to developing new techniques and concepts for cocktails. Here he does most of his training programs and workshops for the Liquid Experience.

· Perrier Brand Ambassador for cocktails in Spain for 2011/12/13.


· Creator of Signature Cocktails for the brands: Perrier, Bulldog London Dry Gin, Sipsmith Distillery, St-Germain Liqueur, Tequila Espinoza, Tequila Único, Merlet, Haymans, Monkey 47 Gin, Tanqueray and others.


· Collaborator with Bar Forum Magazine and Whisky Magazine Spain with an own cocktail section


· Judge for various cocktail competitions: Competition Sidecar By Merlet Liqueur, Tanqueray Gin Contest, etc




Among the many papers, and presentations by Masterclass Javier Caballero, could highlight the following:


· Presentation Evolutionary Cocktails Concept in México within the framework twinning with Spanish Mexican Mixology (Guadalajara 2012)


· Presentation Perrier By Mixology in the Dominican Republic, two actions: training for bartenders, cocktail event in the context of Dominican Fashion


· Presentation of the concept Evolutionary Cocktail within the framework Mix & Shake 2012 (Valladolid)


· Creator and rapporteur of the MasterClass: "From the experience we create knowledge: sugars, sweeteners" within the BCN12 Barforum (Barcelona)


· Presentation Bulldog London Dry Gin, Moskow Bar Show 12


· Presentation Absolut Orient Apple, Show cooking / together with the Chef Andres Madrigal, Chile in May 2012


· Martini Bartender event at Martini Love Art, Moskow June 2012.


· Presentation of the collection of Guillermina Baeza, creating cocktail line with the aesthetic of the collection.


· Professor at the Madrid Chamber of Commerce. Bar Master Reserve 2011/12.


· Presentation Perrier Cocktail at Alimentaria BCN12, Barcelona.


· Creator and Lecturer - Cocktail Workshop and Gin & Vodka at Verema 2012, Valencia


· Presentation of "Evolutionary Cocktails" for the semi-finalists at World Class 2011/12 (Diageo), Barcelona

· Presentation Cocktail for Perrier at Alimentaria BCN12, Barcelona.

· Creator and Lecturer – Cocktail Workshop and Gin Tonics at Verema 2012, Valencia

· Presentation of “Evolutionary Cocktails” for the semi-finalists at World Class 2011/12 (Diageo), Barcelona

· Presentation Cocktail for Perrier at BarForum BCN11, Barcelona.

· Creator and speaker with Joao Eusebio and Carlos Moreno: “Evolution of the Gin & Tonic in Spain” at Barzone Berlin 2011

· Creator and speaker: Masterclass – “Evolution of Gins and the Various Techniques and Ingredients for Mixing” at the Panamerican Championships 2011, Tenerife and Madrid Gourmet 2011

· Creator and speaker: New Techniques Master Class and Texture for the cocktail at BarForum BCN 2010, Barcelona.

· Creator and speaker: New Techniques and Textures Master Class applied to the cocktail "Cocktails: Art and Evolution" at Hostelco 2010, Barcelona

· Creator and presenter of the whisky Masterclass –Cocktails with Whisky at Whisky Live (Barcelona and Madrid) based on new techniques and textures applied to cocktails. Sponsored by Compass Box.

·Tanqueray Team Member 2010. Creator of the agenda, the cocktails and Presenter for new techniques and textures applied to the cocktail for Tanqueray’s second Gin Master, a training session for 600 of the best bartenders in Spain.

· Creator and Flair bartender for at Alimentaria 2010 (Food trade fair) for Perrier Cocktail Alimenaria Show 2010; Also creator and developper of the Bulldog London Dry Gin Show Barforum Barcelona 2009 and Cocktail area with Rum at Whisky Live Barcelona 2009.

· Portfolio Presentations for WkyRegal and tastings both for professionals and individuals. Among other brands, London Bulldog Gin, St-Germain, Heavy Water, The Bitter Truth, Merlet Liqueur, Compass Box, Chase ...

· Speaker and creator of a Cocktail Master Class at the 7 th semifinal CCA – Concurso Cocinero del año (Chef of the Year) sponsored section Pago Juices.

· "Barcardi Mojito" Cocktail Campaign instructor for 8 months ; Where he taught courses in several locations around the Spanish geography, bartender of the photo session for recipe cocktails and branding of the campaign.

· Master Class Speaker at CETT Barcelona (School of Hospitality and Tourism of Barcelona) on the Mojito.

· Launching events and private parties as Flair Bartender or Bartender, moulding the type of event, as well as for individuals and brands including: Ron El Abuelo, Ron Barcelo Imperial, GinMare; Gin Master's, Smirnoff Vodka, Whisky Dewar 's

· Active trainer for cafes of Bages.

· Creator and instructor of the workshop on new techniques and textures applied to the cocktail held in the farmhouse Atzaró (Ibiza) in collaboration with Tupac Kirby "Bar Concept” and Tanqueray.

· Head of bars of various concerts and events at the Espacio Movistar in Barcelona during the first three seasons