Evolutionary Cocktails, in these two words resides the definition of what cocktails are for me. Based on a series of points that appear in my own practice and influences acquired with time, may they be direct, trought of the persons with whom I have had the opportunity of speaking to and sharing indirect experiences, and knowledge adquired from books, articles, videos, webs, etc.

The most important ideas and concepts that sum up my way thru cocktails could be summarized in the following:

From the knowledge, we create the Experiences.

Experience: The cocktail begins to enjoy long before the first sip "Importance of Experience"

 Most important factor to have in mind at the time of working on a recipe. All the rest, (Presentation, Decoration, Techniques, Esthetics, Concept...(although important)-are a means of obtaining the desired flavor, are not an end in itself. Product quality is very important at this point.

I+D:Acquires a great importance, The use of technology and science to improve our cocktails, be it by using new ingredients, new machines or new tools, that have been improved or even invented to make techniques ,impossible without them, the I + D permits a better technical control of all our creations. These new techniques add, do not substitute, the classical techniques, gets us to improve them but always with the knowledge and respect to tradition.

Adapting / Adoption: I understand as a logical evolution to adapt or adopt, techniques and ingredients before proper of kitchen and bakery, that we are allowed a greater variety of textures, flavors and nuances, that enrich our gastronomical baggage.

Knowledge: Our success in creating a recipe will be proportional to the knowledge that we have both the raw materials and the techniques to use, whether classical or modern. And possibly most important to get to know ourselves

Preparation, presentation, decoration and structure of the cocktail: Factors of vital importance, being that the synergy between these will depend the perception of our guest towards one flavor or another.  It also allows us to surprise our guests with new sensations, whether physical, new textures ... or mental, playing with memories... Remembering that our absolute priority is the flavor.

Cultural Influence: The acceptance of the influence of other cultures, may they be the techniques, ingredients or its form of understanding cocktails, and treating the ingredients, adapting them to our criteria.

Behind Speech: The added value, the complexity of the cocktail, be it a concept, an idea, or  an argument, that joins all the ingredients, that the cocktail no only be a mixture of a few ingredients, that it has a “why”.