Mixology by Perrier

The meeting of the precious underground gas and natural mineral water, a water born unique ans exceptional. From Vergeze, in the nature of Nîmes in southern France, Perrier sparkling water is a pure natural, healthy and 100% natural 


A spring and unique origins.

Perrier ancestral composition as distinguished from other natural mineral water, their desnse bubles and intense, a fair share of gas, Perrier give a flavor and unmistakeble freshness. It is characterized by it is original purity ans itis unique composition of mineral salts of weak mineralization (479 mg / l) with 1,3 mg / l potassium, 6,8 mg / l magnesium and 11,8 mg / l sodium.

It also, has a unique gasification makes it worthy of the title "the most sparkling water in the world" with a carbon dioxide (CO2: 7g / l) of volcanic origin, formed naturally in the subsoil of the park of Nîmes, guaranteed  richness and intensity of gas bubbles that cool or quench the thirst for uniquely.

We could define the hallmarks of Perrier as follows:

  1. •Intensely sparkling
  2. •Extremely refreshing
  3. •Dense
  4. •Long in the mounth
  5. •Pleasant bitterness with a league
  6. •Do not deteriorate the aromas
  7. •They usually enjoy it cold, no ice with a slice of lemon

The keys to a good cocktail, a good bartender and good products.

The wealth and stability of the bubbles in Perrier makes it an ideal ingredient for the preparation of cocktails. Due to it is complexity and organoleptic balance, Perrier can replace a soda water advantageously, providing a sparkling touch to both modern and sophisticated cocktails as well as classics like Gin & Fiz, enhancing the taste of quality spirits.

For over century, Perrier is linked to the history of mixology, bartenders helping the world to create and make great cocktails. Prestigious cocktails bars in major cities and vanguard of the word (London, New York, Berlin ...) used to produce Perrier his compositions, choosing and caring for the exceptionl quality of its basic products to end certain results

Perrier has become the ideal partner for all greats bartenders, working with the IBA (International Bartender Association) and supporting thee professinal education of a bartenders in the word


Perrier is the only water in the world to propose this sensory experience of tasting this unique moment, this crazy pleasure!